How many Continuing Education Credits (CECs) will I receive for attending a LACES seminar?
The amount of CECs you will receive is dependent upon the amount of lectures you attend. At LACES seminars, one CEC is gained by attending one lecture. If you register for an entire seminar and attend every lecture, you will receive the total amount of CECs that have been approved by the AANA. For example, if our seminar is structured to offer 8 CECs on Friday, 8 CECs on Saturday, and 4 CECs on Sunday–and you attend every lecture–you will leave the LACES seminar with a total of 20 CECs. If you are unable to join us for an entire seminar, you may register by-the-day and receive a lesser amount of CECs equal to the amount of lectures you attend.

Will I earn Class A or Class B credit from attending a LACES seminar?
You will receive Class A credits for attending a LACES seminar. If you earn a surplus of Class A credits, they can be used to meet your Class B credit requirement.

When will my credits be reported to the AANA? What about the NBCRNA?
We report credits to the AANA within 24 hours of our conference’s conclusion. Historically, it has taken the AANA 7-10 days to process the credits; however, effective in 2016, the AANA launched a new and improved online processing tool that has decreased this processing time dramatically. It is imperative that your AANA licensure number and name as it appears on your licensure be correct, or else you will experience a delay in your credits being recorded. Members of the AANA enjoy the benefit of having their attendance at a LACES seminar automatically reported to the NBCRNA. Non-members of the AANA are responsible for submitting their LACES Continuing Education Certificate to the NBCRNA.

Will LACES record my CECs with my state board of nursing?
No, LACES only reports credits to the AANA. It is the responsibility of the attendee to report to any other credentialing bodies.

Will I receive a certificate of attendance upon my departure from a LACES seminar?
Yes, each attendee will receive a certificate of attendance for their own record-keeping.

Does my registration fee cover my hotel room?
No, you must book your hotel room separately. However, we encourage you to use the LACES group booking code to receive a discounted rate at our partner hotels.